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  1. Hi, Right now we're on Arlanda airport surfing thru our notebook. Really nice to know that we've got neighbours from east with us. Since we're from Gotland we are really close neighbours and one of us actually has a Finnish mother. Hope to see you in London! Have a pleasant voyage! Daniel & Matti
  2. This t-shirt will probably be my finest piece of rock memorybilia. Sure deserves it's place in the glass cabin along with the Zeppelin promo record "Bonzo's last stand - The last rehearsal - Sept 80". Recorded just days before Bonzo died.
  3. Two Swedes going to the airport in an hour. Flying from Gotland to Stockholm Arlanda and the further to Gatwick this afternoon. Can still not believe it's true! Se you all in the London night!
  4. With chance of getting yelled at here on the board I just have one small question. Apollogizes if it's already been mentioned on the board but I can't get the search to function properly. When can we collect the tickets and get our wristbands on Sunday? Between which hours? Can't find anything here or in the FAQ on ahmettribute.com. Please help!
  5. I agree! Of course we can be proud and tell our grandchildren. "I saw Led Zeppelin at O2 Arena back in 2007" Would not call them Page/Plant/Jones and Jason Bonham for a second. They perform as Led Zeppelin, no question about it.
  6. Nice written! Almost gets a tear in my eye! Since I'm from the generation that had no chance in hell to see them back in the days this will be the closest thing to the real deal. And I'm gonna enjoy every second of it. Walked a little stroll today with the ear phones plugged in. The weather was pretty bad, a lot of wind and rain. Stairway to heaven began to sound... "Damn this is good.." i sayed to myself. I never get tired of this song. Suddenly! When the song starts to move up towards the solo part, I feel how my heart begins to beat faster and faster During the whole so
  7. Or standing next to me! I really know what you mean. I'm getting so jumped up for this that I think i've got every disease in the medicin book. Feeling all kind of strange things going on in my body! Bad experiences from my last travel out country.
  8. Must feel good for you to be able to see them now when you had tickets to the 1980 show My friend and I have similar problems with other friends and relatives asking us how the hell it could be worth all this money for a concert. Especially since the show got postponed and we faced the loss of all our first flight ticket money. But money is only money and some day when we all go to heaven, money will be no important issue. I just got a sudden lust for children so that I have someone to tell this story to in about 20 years. Se you all December 10!
  9. My friend and I got tickets for standing section. Of course it's hard to predict exactly were we will stand among all the people but I will still use ear plugs. Of course the expensive modell that only lowers the volume, not the crappy ones that cuts all high frequencys. Have already had to many beeping days after concerts. After Billy Idol in Stockholm the ears beeped for two and a half days. But since I use plugs I sure hope they crank the ceiling out of the arena! I hope Jason will play an old Ludwig Vistalite with 26 inch bass drum like he's old man and kick the hell out our
  10. I don't think it's so poor that I have to laugh right out.. I am a huge L.O.T.R fan so I love the little Tolkien flirt in the lyrics but I have to say it's mainly cause of the wonderful mixture of Plant's and Denny's voices along with JPS's mandolin picking. I have never heard the live versions were JPJ took Sandy's vocal parts. In fact I have searched for TBOE on old set lists posted on the net and it doesn't seem to have been played that much. I have already put a mandolin on my christmas whish list. If I don't get it i will buy one myself. Then it will be The Battle of Evermore an
  11. Do you think they will have an acoustic set in the concert like they did at Earls court -75? They have all matured musically so it would be great to hear Going to California, Bron Yr Aur Stomp and maybe Battle of Evermore. Or do you reckon they only will play good ol' hard rock? I always gets something strange in my eyes when I listen to The Battle of Evermore. I think it's called tears!
  12. Great article! I hope the security staff will hold the women away from me as well since I'm also married. Would sure be nice to "slip in" back stage with the guys and have a drink. Now that we know women won't be allowed back stage, maybe us fellas could make try.
  13. I sure do hope you are right. Let us all cross our fingers and pray that we will go home with a fine piece of unique rock memorybilia. Other than our memories of course.
  14. Hmm... I wonder if that includes a DV-kamera or if it's just about still picture cameras. It would be nice to able to capture a little motion picture for the friends at home.
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