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  1. I'm new here but a HUGE LZ fan. This has probably been asked but which song has you favorite guitar riffs in it? For me it's "Since I've Been Loving You", the blues are great and Jimmy is phenominal
  2. Hi all, I just found this Forum and wanted to reply to this. I am in L.A. now and will go to the Nov. 22nd show. I was brought up in NYC and was lucky enough to go to 3 of the 6 eventsat Madison Square Garden in 1977. It was epic, a true religious experience, especially my second showing when I got a seat 15 feet from the stage. I was a freakin' maniac. Zep lined their stools ina row and I knew from the previous show they were going to do acoustical starting with "Battle of Evermore". Robert Plant started to anounce the song and I jump out of my seat in my black with multi-colored lettered
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