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    Playing music. Drums are my instrument of choice & love.
  1. ~Four Sticks, Black Dog, & Misty Mountain Hop
  2. o man, I don't think they lost any magic, they just lost their youth. Presence & In Through the Out Door are killer albums! A song like Carouselambra shows they just kept moving ahead as always without lacking any original magic!
  3. ooooo, I'd narrow it to Houses of the Holy, IV, & Physical Graffitti. I'd love to see them work on In My Time of Dying with the chatter at the ending & all. but to see Bonzo work on The Crunge would be badass, I'll go with Houses of the Holy.
  4. Ya, I like your description of their 1st, perhaps that's what I meant by "black & white"! III may be my favorite recording's of Bonzo's drums. They seem to be very well miked up close rather than a dominance of room miking, putting all the detail in the forefront...fucking awesome. What've you got for the rest of the albums?
  5. All albums radiate a particular picture or vibe when played, especially Led Zeppelin. Here's what I see in my mind's eye when I drop the needle on these masterpieces: *Led Zeppelin: A band on the prowl, a black & white color overall. *Led Zeppelin II: A warm golden red atmosphere breaking through a clever mist. *Led Zeppelin III: A snowy trek that ends up in a pungent green forest. *--IV--: A purple veil enveloping instruments at their prime tones. *Houses of the Holy: A golden epic interlaced with cozy bursts of orange
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