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  1. According to the "Early Days" CD booklet it's from March 5th 1971 Ulster Hall, Belfast.
  2. I shouldn't have made that Bath joke...
  3. Thank you guys for not bashing me Actually it was quite easy to "make" that still. And Ronald was one of the competitors in All-England Summarize Proust Competition - watch Monty Python's Flying Circus, episode 31 for this Oh, and he comes from Leicester, not from Bristol
  4. Yes, it was a joke. My apologies to you guys. As a matter of fact I expected it to be solved immediately (LedZep342 - that comparison you made - that's what I'm talking about). Oh, and that guy, Ronald Rutherford. I thought you would guess who's he:
  5. If things go well we will see very soon new, never seen before footage from Led Zeppelin at Bath Festival 28.06.1970!!! Let me tell you the story behind this. I've got a friend in England who knows some other guy whose father turned out to be Led Zep fan back in the 70's. Ron (that's his name) lived in Bristol in 1970. Having heard about upcoming music festival in Shepton Mallet, he deciced to attend it. Just three weeks before festival he received a new Super 8mm camera as a gift for his 22nd birthday. Ron intended to film his favorite band and so he did. The film reel with Led Zeppelin was safely stored in a small box in his parents house for all these years. Fortunately, Ron have rediscovered that reel last month. Now it has been transferred to digital. The footage itself is very good and the color hasn't faded noticeably. Unfortunately, the film is silent... It's 10 minutes long and there's only two songs (as Ron told me) captured - Immigrant Song and the beginning of How Many More Times. On my request Ron send me one still taken from his film. Here you can see it: The footage will be posted next week on Led Zeppelin Youtube channel! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ron at rutherfordronald@gmail.com
  6. Here's the good link: http://rapidshare.com/files/195384200/led....tt.01.31.69.wmv
  7. I'm 20 and 5 years of listening Zep
  8. I think it was Whole Lotta Love but I also knew Kashmir at that time (when I was 6 or 7 years old). Then I bought LZ II and IV on vinyl years later.
  9. Jimmy Page inspired me to play guitar ( Les Paul of course ), and Led Zeppelin truly inspired me to explore the world of music.
  10. My first recording of live Zep was Killing Floor from 4-24-69 (mind-blowing stuff), and the next one was Guitar Solo/Achilles Last Stand from 4-27-77 (when I first time heard it, that was something like - "hey, what's going on?!", so sloppy performance but there was that magic feeling).
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