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  1. was in an old record store the day it arrived out and fell in love with the music and geeeeetaring....and the orange zep was cool so, thot wow, lets have some of that my good man....lol
  2. Hi there, well I was wondering if anyone who was at the Knebworth concert has any good memories about it, is there any silly or daft things you did, or things you saw or can remember about it...I can still remember if it was last week, and have some good and bad memories, but ill wait see if anyone answers this post first........if you can rock.....then you will always roll....cheers to ye...
  3. well i think the longest version must have been last week when i pressed the repeat button by mistake and it went on for about 2 hours before i relized what id done.....wow.what a night....must try that again some time , cheers...
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