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  1. That section I think is similar to parts of Achilles Last Stand. Get the tab for that or the Presence songbook and you should be set. That might help get you into the ballpark.
  2. I love my Epiphones and my Danelectro. I have an Epi LP Cherryburst standard plus, an Epi Cherry red LP classic, two Epiphone Ace Frehley LP Customs (blackburst and cherryburst), an Epiphone SG doubleneck and my new Danelectro DC59 Modified spec with a better bridge and tuners.
  3. Wow! Talk about a bizarre gardening accident.
  4. Are there any fans of Detective out there? This band featured Silverhead's Michael Des Barres, Steppenwolf guitarist Michael Monarch, and Yes Keyboardist Tony Kaye. I think the bass player Bobby Pickett played with the group Sugarloaf and the drummer Jon Hyde is incredible. Rock Candy records in the UK reissued their debut album on CD and it is great. They were on Swan Song and Jimmy Page had a hand in producing some of their debut. The liner notes that Rock Candy did are incredible and they are a lost part of Swan Song/Led Zeppelin history that is worth rediscovering.
  5. I should try that one. I got a Van Halen wah on eBay for 90 bucks a few weeks ago that was practically brand new (list price around $169.00) and I love it. I am glad I got it since I broke my Zakk Wylde wah which was nice, but I felt it was too noisy at times. The VH wah has a nice smooth and clean feel and it can sing! To have it painted with the Van Halen II graphic stripes is very cool to boot. It sounds great as the first step of my setup followed by: 1. MXR distortion + 2. MXR classic Overdrive 3. Digitech Harmony Man 4. MXR Chorus (set at the Rush Distorted Chorus setting which sounds great either clean or distorted) 5. MXR Van Halen phaser (With the script button turned on and the knob set slow between 7-8 o'clock) 6. MXR Van Halen Flanger (Set for good jet sounding flange over the top. I don't use the EVH script button since it can sound a little too chaotic) 7. MXR Blue Box (Can anyone out there give me the setting for the Fool In the Rain solo tone? The pedal is cool but I want to contain it to get that cool linear effect you hear on the record.) 8. Danelectro REEL ECHO (a fun pedal that takes some getting used to but when you can get a nice delay, lock the setting down and go with it!) Finally going into my finally going into my Vox 50W Valvetronix amp. Although I am thinking of getting the new Vox AC30VR amp which has their valve reactor techology in an amp that just models a classic AC30 without anything else. I tried one out and I think that will be an amp I want to upgrade to when I have 500 bucks set aside in the fall.
  6. That pedal would definitely send my amp into a tailspin!
  7. Digitech stuff takes some getting used to. I have a Digitech Brian May pedal that is great but I don't use it that much anymore. It tended to feedback a lot at lower volumes which could be frustrating. But my favorite piece of Digitech gear right now is the HarmonyMan. It takes a little while to get used to it but once you get into it, it is one of my favorite parts of my setup. It basically follows whatever song progression you play and then finds the right key to develop harmonies depending on your settings. I can play the harmony parts to songs like Thin Lizzy's Cowboy Song or The Boys Are Back In Town and Detroit Rock City by KISS. It is around 300 bucks but the harmonies are clean and smooth especially with my MXR distortion on. But I have a friend who I think has an RP3 and he was sort of frustrated with it at times. I have to check with him and see if he has any tips.
  8. I bought a new MXR Distortion+ a year ago for 60 bucks and you are right it seems to be all I need. I get a nice crunchy sound where I can tweak the distortion rate between 70-90 percent. I can get that vintage crunch sound of the 70s that I love. It is like the perfect base if I add any phase, wah, flange or chorus. If I put my EVH phaser on turned slow at about 7 or 8 o'clock with the script button and add some delay from my Danelectro ReelEcho, I can nail the brown sound on the first Van Halen album perfectly with my Epi Ace Frehley Les Paul tuned to E-flat with DiMarzio Superdistortion pickups. If I turn off the echo and phaser and put my EVH wah all the way down, I also nail the Sweet Child of Mine sound to a T. I guess I am a pedal geek and I just want to see what everyone else is using so I can try other pedals. MXR/Dunlop pedals to me are the greatest!
  9. Oh yeah it has the most amazing clean tone I have ever heard. When I play Kashmir, I also use my MXR classic Overdrive I bought from GuitarCenter to give it a slight amount of grit to nail that sound on record. I also add some of my MXR Van Halen phaser turned slow for the bridge and coda to give it a cool spin. And I sometimes add a little echo from my Danelectro REELecho pedal for some simulated echoplex sounds that blow me away.
  10. How about another question for everyone............. What is everyone's favorite guitar pedal to use? . I have my Dunlop/MXR pedals in addition to my Digitech Harmonyman and my Danelectro REELEcho. I just won a Hendrix Octavio pedal on eBay tonight that I am anxious to add to my setup. I am interested in seeing what other people use and what their preferred settings might be.
  11. I have to learn how to play that song next! Right now in addition to being addicted to playing Kashmir, I am learning Black Mountain Side on my own. It is tricky but I have to learn it just to keep up my never ending quest to learn Zeppelin songs as part of my guitar vocabulary.
  12. Hi again everyone! I wanted to ask what kind of distortion/overdrive pedal does everyone use? I love my yellow MXR Distortion+ and my MXR Classic Overdrive that I recently bought from Guitar center.
  13. Here are some of my guitars. It is sort of my Epiphone Jimmy Page replica collection plus a Danelectro Modified Spec.
  14. I was wondering if anyone out there has an MXR Blue Box and if they could post the right setting for the Fool In the Rain guitar solo tone? I am trying to find the right blend sound to get that tone.
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