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  1. yes i have but the 75 tour had more vallys than peaks
  2. its been 28 years and to be honest the 77 and 80 tours left a bad taste in my ears the last time they sounded good live was in 73 let sleeping giants sleep
  3. peter gabriel bailed on genesis john anderson sot sick the stones suck the only thing to look foreward to is the faces tour this summer i had my fill with tribute bands except the musical box what a great band best show ive seen in years haunting to say the least so come on Robert you owe this to your loyal fans
  4. it is disapointing that robert is not intrested in a reunion tour i am in my mid 40's from the suburbs of philly the last time they came here was 1975 like many of their fans have not seen them live i have bought their music in every format i am an huge collector of the live music i would be happy with a dvd of the o2 show and re release the catalog with outtakes and alt tracks like yes did so jimmy open the vault ? want list any video of studio rehearsals , or audio, any and all john bonham stuf
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