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  1. That is an amazing story my friend. I was there having won a ticket in the ballot but feel this is a much better way of getting the ticket. This story will be with you forever.
  2. Lets hope god was listening because after seeing them live on monday for the first time i have come to the conclusion that led zeppelin are really moorish live.
  3. There was also a woman to the right of me who never even clapped for half of the set, i was fuming because i know of how many people would have given their right arm to be there.
  4. I have been reading of people falling asleep at the zeppelin gig, well here is a nice pic of a couple of guys caught by me at the gig in the act, hahahahaha
  5. looking over the email with the merchandise has everyone recieved this or is it just for the people who have tickets? Also has anyone bought the program online before the gig or are you all just waiting till the gig? I am confused as it says "exclusive offer" is this just a way to get another fiver out of everyone before the show on the p&p or does anyone think they will be more expensive at the 02? I also hope there are some limited edition t shirts available
  6. its ok folks i have just seen on the email i got what is on offer. Bit gutted to be honest, thought they would have some better t shirts than that. Oh well lets see what they have on the night
  7. Just wondering if anyone on here has had an email about the merchandiase that will be available on the night. I have had the email about the program and stuff but any word about t shirts or anything?
  8. i was gonna travel from liverpool with my girlfriend but we got much cheaper train tickets to travel from manchester picadilly on the sunday morning at 8:10am. My girlfriend lives in manchester so we are all good to go from there. We should be getting into london euston for about 12pm, then going straight the 02 to joing the thousands of other zepp fans. Actually writing this now has made me think of how lucky i am. I have spent the last couple of weeks since getting the tickets not believing i was going but now reading what everyone is saying and writing this, my dreams have come true.
  9. yeah i have had all my confirmations. Thing is i got this email about two weeks ago and snapped up the opportunity.
  10. hey man, i got one of these emails. I also got my tickets. Thing is there were two links to buy tickets. I remember clicking the first one which said they were unavailable and then i clicked the second and got my tickets. If they are both saying it i presume they must be sold out now. The email said first come first served and only available till they were all sold. Ticketmaster has a terrible way of saying they are sold out, rather than saying SOLD OUT they just display TICKETS UNAVAILABLE. I hope this is not the case for you my friend and good luck getting the tickets.
  11. also spoke to harvey goldsmith promotion company and the woman said that it should be no problem so long as the card holder is there and the ballot winner. So if anyone else is in this position we are good to get our tickes
  12. just spoken to ticket master and they said so long as the card holder and ballot winner are present and have ID they will get tickets. Hahaha happy days am off to see zeppelin
  13. i can't see a problem myself but i am just unsure whether the original t's & c's stand with the latest ballot. I got the email/password saying first come first served and my girlfriend paid. we are both going so i don't see a problem with that. I WILL BE GOING THIS GIG THOUGH EVEN IF I HAVE TO START A RIOT!!!!!!!!
  14. SteveAjones i am a man not a woman so stop saying "she" and that applies to whoever started calling me "she". i do make reference to the fact my girlfriend bought them and i would be going with her
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