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  1. How about John Butler? Probably the best acoustic 12 string/6 string player out right now.
  2. So who do you think are the most under rated musicians today? Here's my list: Dave Matthews Carter Beauford Dave Grohl Taylor Hawkins John Paul Jones (kind of. Mostly because he doesnt get as much attention.) Roger Taylor Dave is an amazing song writer and i think alot of people miss it. Carter's drumming is in the top 5 of the last 15 years. He's really amazing. His timing and rhythm are impeccable. Dave Grohl, great songwriter, can play about 4 or 5 different instruments(drums, guitar, bass, piano etc). Roger Taylor is a real good drummer. Most people only know Quee
  3. Anybody a Foo Fighters fan? I think they are probably the best rock band out today. Dave Grohl is one of the most under rated musicians today. I'm going to see them this spring in DC.
  4. On the DVD performance, what occured during Jimmy's solo?( you probably wont know this)
  5. Is it me or does it seem that this year that Zeppelin has finally opened up to the public? First they announce Mothership and then the reissue of TSRTS Second they're finally on iTunes They now have ringtones for people on Verizon A Reunion(Which rocks for the people who werent alive when they toured in the 70's. Case in point me) One more thing i'm hoping for... Songs in Guitar Hero
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