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  1. Rumors that tour will go forward next year. To commemorate the 35th anniversary of the 1977 tour. They will play the final shows that were cancelled. Page was seen at a seamstress shop apparently getting the waist on his dragon suit taken out a bit.
  2. Jimmy Page would have his laser pyramid. In the middle of dazed and confuse, KISS would fly onto the stage with harnesses breathing Fire and they'd have a big jam. Unbelievable. Then they'd have a mock battle onstage. All Led Zeppelin dressed in fantasy costumes from the movie. Page would cast spells with laser beams and Plant would wield a sword against gene simmons and ace frehley. Biggest concert ever.
  3. tour is set to commence in summer of 2012 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the 1977 tour.
  4. The Immigrant Song The song is like Din-din-din chikka din-din-din chikka din-din-din chikka din-din-din chikka AAAHH-Aahh! Aaahh! Moby Dick "Boom-tash" Here is how the song goes: "Boom, boom da da boom, da da boom, da da da da boom boom, boom, boom, boom, boom BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, KAKA BOOM, KAKA BOOM, BOOM CHICKA LAKA CHICKA LAKA CHIKA BOOM! SHAKALAKA BOOM! Interesting trivia about this song includes: * Mr. Bonham, as he liked to be called, played 75% of this song with his head. * The remaining 25% wasn't played at all D'yer Mak'er This song is abou
  5. they would be Juan Bonham, Juan Paulo Jones, Roberto Plant and Marmelades Page. Strange to think of... Or if they all went by their shortened middle names, they would be Paul, Pat, Tony and Henry.
  6. A stage company has been selected and the tour will go forward. In speaking about the various lighting guidlines for the stage he was able to read the outfits that will be worn. Jimmy will wear a silver/metallic satin dragon suit. JPJ wll wear a red and gold satin dragon suit. John Bonham Jr. will wear a black Dragon suit with a stitched image of his father on it. Gary Cherone, formerly from Extreme is rumored to be the likely singer. John Jr., however favors Joe elliot from Def Leppard and Jimmy and JPJ are beginning to like that idea. The singer will be asked to Wear a golden sequened dra
  7. I predict they will do one more show as a celebration of the 30th anniversary of John Bonham passing on. .The money going to charitable causes.
  8. 7 of 15 songs were recorded between 1970 and 1972. Therefore I believe my statement that 1/2 was pre 73 is correct. If we need to get technical, thats 46%. One poster said something like "4 posts and he's an expert" WTF? Just cuz I dont post on your board doesnt mean I'm not knowlegable. Also , someone pointed out that PG sold X-million copies. And your point? So did "Please Hammer, dont hurt 'em". I agree that PG is a great album but quoting album sales as a measure of quality is stupid.
  9. Im not just talking about the 'early' albums. Led zep I-IV, Houses of the Holy and half of PG were recorded between between 68-72. The main creative burst was between these years. Was there good material recorded later? Yes. Were there good shows after '72? Yes. Rehearsed, predictable Arena shows, but yes, some were 'good' if you enjoy that sort of thing. But it wasn't the same. I hope my post doesn't sound trollish. Im not trying to argue. I like Presence, but I still stand by my statement that post '72 was a Vegas act that recorded a few songs.
  10. It wasn't just the failure of Roberts voice. It's that ALL of that great material from LZ1-Physical Graffiti was all done from 68-72. We may quibble over when a recording took place. But the vast majority was all pre-73. The 73,75,77 and 80 tours were essentially Vegas acts. The last LZ tour that mattered was 1972. Its just a fact. Would I pay to see them in '75 or '77? Yes I would. But its NOT the same band.
  11. I've heard a few things from 71. As a fan, they were interesting, but not great quality. Are there any really good quality audio from 69-71? Preferably 71. (aside from Denmark and Royal Albert Hall)
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