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  1. Please let this happen. Let us have Kashmir or maybe In my time of dying.
  2. Why can't he knock them off their pedistool by writing some good music instead of talking bullshit.
  3. There won't be no Zep on RockBand. Page wouldn't let that happen. Second, seeing a bunch of colored dots flying towards you in sync with Zepp Music will definitely kill the spirit of it. Think about it, you listen to Dazed and Confused and the only thing you associate the song with is a bunch of circles floating across a virtual fretboard and the sound of your right hand flicking the strum bar of a plastic guitar. Kinda squeezes the magic out.
  4. But I find it kind of funny that Jimmy would play a gig entirely consisting of Gibson guitars, when his choice of guitars has been so different 30 years earlier. Yes, Jimmy is synonymous with the Gibson Les Paul and the Double Neck, and he has been since he first picked up the guitars, but it doesn't explain why he would suddenly pick up a completely different guitar, just to recreate the sound of the originally used instrument, which in this case has been a danelectro or a fender instrument, and has been performed in 2007 with a guitar collection exclusively consisting of Gibson guitars. The thing is that, it is very odd that an artist like Jimmy Page would spontanously swap all his non-gibson out with similarly sounding guitars only based on one distributors repertoire.
  5. I have a theory which can explain his 2007 choice of guitars. For Kashmir and IMTOD he would use a Danelectro and a Fender whenever he needed a Whammybar, the rest of the set would usually only require the Gibson Double Neck, the les paul and a Gibson acoustic guitar (or something). But in the O2 gig he only played various Gibson guitars. Is there a slight chance that Jimmy has signed a contract with Gibson, which provides him with Gibson guitars, but forbids him to play guitars made by other companies in gigs?
  6. Now that would have been too bloody good. As mentioned before, they are two very different albums with each their distinctive personality. There are things about the debut which can't be found on the follow-up, and of course the other way around too. Now, this is common knowledge so let me get to the conclusion: The opening of Led Zep II is one of the best album openings ever made, and it contains some of the rawest BluesRock riffs ever written, a drum solo, a Sonny Boy imitation and a whole lotta energy. Now, the first album has also got an amount of these elements, not to mention different important elements, but the follow-up has just got a few hard kicks more.
  7. Their performance and repertoire was pretty outstanding in the year of 1973, but I still think they played better together as a live band in 1969. I went for '69 simply 'cause I consider it the year of the most impressingly performed Zep-gigs. It is indeed attractive with an expanded repertoire, but still, they rocked the friggin show during '69.
  8. : D Well, I'd never miss the chance to answer him as if he was my goddamn teacher with an unsolved math problem.
  9. After hearing a lot of good words about a band called Led Zeppelin, I decided to get off to the record store to pick up some of their music. While I had the chance to look at their whole discography in the record shelves, I thought I'd begin where it all began, with the debut album. when i got back home I simply popped it into the player, and got raped by the two heavy opening chords of Good Times. I was pretty much addicted by the end of the solo.
  10. You know you're a Zep Freak when: - You think of the guitar solo from Over the hills everytime you hear a seagull cry. - You realise that you use the word "baby" 600 times every day, and that you pronounce it "Ba-hy-be" - You bore people to death by telling them the story about Bron Y Aur. - You consider buying a huge, curly, blonde wig. - You knock the Moby Dick intro on people's doors, instead of ringin' the godamn bell. - You want to travel to Kashmir just for the heck of it.
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