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  1. What should be very clear is that Led Zeppelin is a band that TRANSCENDS generations now. You can not find another band in the modern era (post WWII) that still resonates with its audience 29 years after their last tour/album. Being old at 36.. the only shot I ever had at even comming close to seeing the songs I love performed live was on the Plant & Page tour back in 92' or was it 93? Anyhow.. Thats as close as I will ever get to them as I was just a baby in their heyday.
  2. what about Bron-Yr-Aur ????????? Does that count as a solo???? Debated, I am sure. But you can not knock the reflective masterpiece with all its perfection and imperfections left in tact. That song/solo takes you on a journey
  3. Tea for One. The quintesential tune that pulls the listener into the dark abyss of life. SIBLY is fantastic on many levels, but its depth is not of the same nature as Tea for One. You appreciate the lyrics and riff on a different plane vs. SIBLY. Sometimes a band needs a " depression " song.. this is it for them.
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