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  1. what`s the true??????????????????????????? so many versions...but.... what`s the meaning?
  2. rio de janeiro - Brasil (Brazil)
  3. what kind of letter it was? does anybody know the name?
  4. 1 - since i`ve been loving you (III) - master voice, guitar with many technics and good solos, wonderful bass (at organ) and unbelieve`drums. 2 - tea for one (presence) - hypnotical drum groove... wonderful voice and good solos... 3 - I`gonna crawl (in trough the out door) - master voice and guitars 4 - I can`t quit you babe (coda) - everything good 5 - your time is gonna come (I) - voice and drum - a dream 6 - babe come on home (not edited at zep I) - what was that voice, sentimental, crying, loud... what a wonderful dinamic... what do you thing about??????????????????
  5. ZOSO?????????????????????????
  6. pictures


    legendos must know what to do! i`d like too much to see they playin`live... and recording. but legends must know what to do!
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