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  1. LZII. WIAWSNB and Ramble On just put it in a special place for me.
  2. Whole Lotta Love, for sure. While I was in JHS. Everything about it just blew me away, from the riff to the solos.
  3. Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin is really like a big Zep scrapbook, jammed with colorful pics, photos and anecdotes. Very much a coffee-table kind of book. I'm reading Shadwick's '68-80 book right now, and this is much heavier fare. Very detailed and highly analytical of the music itself.
  4. Hi Danny, That's interesting about the riff for Smoke On The Water being inspired by Whole Lotta Love. I personally think the Smoke riff is closer to Cream's Sunshine Of Your Love. Here is a bit about Neil Christian's band from wikipedia: Career Neil Christian and the Crusaders are one of the British rock and roll bands of the 1960s. Fronted by their singer Christian, originally the band consisted of Elmer Twitch piano; Tornado Evans drums; Ritchie Blackmore guitar; and Bibi Blange bass. They were signed to the Strike record label. In the early 1960s Jimmy Page was asked to join The Crusaders. Page toured with Christian for approximately two years, and later played on several of his records, including their November 1962 single, "The Road to Love". Everything Christian released between 1962 and 1968 has been reissued on the CD compilation, That's Nice, which also added several unreleased recordings from the same era. Session musicians used Paul Brett, Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, Nicky Hopkins, Albert Lee, Mick Abrahams and Carlo Little.
  5. What happened to Tony Iommi? I personally rank them like this: Page Blackmore Iommi dedled, in your arguments with your Blackmore-loving friend, you might want to point out that Ritchie always had to have a keyboard player in the band in order to add/ create layers and textures. Jimmy Page was able to create all that texturing and layering all by his lonesome, and wonderfully so.
  6. Ritchie Blackmore has said that he doesn't care for Led Zeppelin. But that may just be professional jealousy!
  7. It took me awhile to get into their UK-style prog mixed with Southern boogie, but now I absolutely love Kansas. Leftoverture and Point of Know Return get the most attention, but I think Masque and s/t debut albums are just as awesome. Funny thing about their big hit Carry On Wayward Son... it's a little misleading to new fans because the song is not truly representative of their basic style. It's much more heavily guitar-driven than their usual sound.
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