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  1. with all due respect to Plant and Krauss, the competition was alot tougher back then. Ive got nothing against the music. I havent heard the album, but the song they performed at the Grammys was kinda nice. Imjust glad Lil Wayne didnt win to be honest. Led Zeppelin doesnt need Grammy's. Shit Weird Al won a Grammy.
  2. wow. I honestly didnt think my post would get this much attention. Anyways, sorry If Im repeating thoughts that have been expressed thousands of times. I just found this board about 2 weeks ago, and checked it once. When I did, all I really saw was one thread about possible Robert Plant replacements after throwing up in my a little bit, I couldnt return until my Son had us watch old Zeppelin footage as well as the last couple of shows they did. We were both impressed beyond belief, and I pray for the day that him and I are blessed to see them live. It wasnt until after I posted this that I saw the thread explaining that the tour was cancelled. Its probobly better that way If Plant isnt involved. All the other singers pale in comparison, whether called Led Zeppelin or any other name.I personally feel that since Bonzo cant be there, his Son would be an honorable sit-in. Im a 33 year old single father who was a HUGE fan of Van Halen when they broke up, and waited all those years to see them,and it was worth the wait to see it with my boy. It was even cooler to see Wolfgang playing with his Dad. Not to compare VH with Zepp, but you get the point. The chance to see a guitar God with the original line-up is something I dont take lightly. Seeing Zeppelin, showing me and my Son how it should be done would be epic. Again, forgive my lack of knowledge of previous discussions. It was late and I was tired. But I meant what I said. I love Zeppelin and nothing could top seeing them live. Peace.
  3. ....now give the World what we need! One more Led Zeppelin tour!!!!! I mean the honeydrippers, Alison Krauss...cmon man. I waited 17 years to see Van Halen come back as close to original form as possible, and Id give that back in a heartbeat to witness Zeppelin with my Son. PLEASE!!! Ive heard about some of the possible "replacements", and they all sukk. Not even worth it. Please guys. Im begging you. ONE MORE TOUR. We in the U.S. are in a recession, and Id pay whatever ridiculous amount of money it would cost to see the masters at work. Pretty please. I hate modern rock. I need you. Humanity needs you. After that. you can go back and clap your lilhands with Alison Krauss all you want. Great music with her by the way, but nothing can compare with the greatest band of all time. Thanks.For everything.
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