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  1. Like you said your friend has been playing guitar for 8 years.
  2. Johns music it is a family run business and Im like a kid in a candy store every time I go in there.
  3. nice work, could you do one from the cover of led zep 2 for me? thanx in advance
  4. Im still waiting for him to release earls court!
  5. thanks for the post for your life is awesome as i new it would be led zeppelin is just one of those bands where you could buy one of their new albums knowing it was going to be good start to finish.
  6. ok i will try again

  7. good vids but does for your life cut out on your stream? it did on me right before they are going to start to play!

  8. tried to view videos but they have been removed by warner music could you send them to me? thanks.
  9. great pics wish i was there,there is some video with audio on you tube of in my time of dying, stairway,it sounds awesome,plant really sang the songs well from what i can tell.if you want to see these vids you better hurry it sounds like they are removing them before to long.thanks again for the pictures
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