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  1. What I love about smokers is their excuses: 1) "I will gain weight if I stop"; or 2) "Well the cigarettes I smoke don't smell, I smoke menthol". Riiight. And then you have the smokers who leave the house to smoke and do it outside so all the smoke can come into OUR homes. Kill yourself in your own home Please? Anyway, hoping BOJ comes to Atlantic City or at least maybe another show like the Bowery in NYC. There ARE other great venues there besides the casinos in A. C. and of course no smoking. Any feeling on why all the open dates on their schedule still? it says "more to be ann
  2. Hey Porkchop, The Borgata doesn't allow smoking and especially in the concert venues there, they will throw you out if you light up, even Pot. BTW, at the Philly concert, there was the smell of much weed goin on. These days you never know which venues may tolerate smoking (or maybe just weed?)
  3. Silver Rider thanks for that great breakdown of Robert's schedule and for giving me hope that maybe he'll come still to Atlantic City. I'd even go to NYC if he could possibly squeeze in one of his "special" shows like the Bowery. Still kicking myself for blowing off the NYC dates. I guess I was sure he'd come to the shore. All I can do is wait and see. VERY excited about the new music though.
  4. I was just talking to someone about how he, so far, has not done Atlantic City nor Las Vegas both of which he ALWAYS does? Do you have any idea why this tour is so different from the others? Nothing seems to be the way Robert usually tours. Maybe it has to do with the other band members' schedules? Not liking it.
  5. Silver Rider WHERE do you live? I think you seriously have to consider moving. THAT's terrible.
  6. Jahfin! LOLLLLL. Just hoping Robert at LEAST comes to Atlantic City. He ALWAYS does??? What's up this time? And we Philly fans trudged through horrendous ice and snow to get to the Tower and PACKED the house. Come on Robert??!!!
  7. Sam does this mean that after the summer festivals, Robert isn't going to tour anymore in the states over this spring/summer?
  8. On Lemon Squeezings, it lists ten dates in Europe and is saying the North American tour is over? Does anyone know if that's really true and he won't be coming back to the states after all the festivals this summer?
  9. I love that particular photo of Robert. Just Sayin... I got turned on to the Black Keys through Robert and now I have to see them live. And Adele, another singer he raves about. She is amazing. And Arcade Fire also. Great stuff. I have to check out the ones above. I don't know any of them. Listening to regular "radio" is so "mindless". Robert is not just ahead of HIS time but EVERYONE's time at any age!
  10. The Beatles became as huge as they did because they really did bring something totally new to what people at the time did consider to be rock, at least in the States. Even Ellvis was considered to be rock. The Beatles were at the right place, at the right time, with the right management and they looked and sounded different. It was way more than just the music. HOWEVER, as time progressed and groups like Led Zeppelin, and especially Led Zeppelin came on the scene, I think everyone's musical tastes evolved because they brought to us harder rock, better musicianship and vocals beyond compare
  11. WHAT exactly was the procedure for handing out the awards? Most were given before the actual show? So Robert was not there (was he??), not even for the pre-show which I understand was way better than the actual Grammys with way more bigger stars. I think it was Clive Davis/David Geffin pre-party or some such and a lot of the performers not shown on the Grammys performed there. It seemed to be "the place to be" way hotter than the Grammys which I'm starting to totally not really believe in anymore. The "powers that be" that give out the awards seem to be clueless as to what category is wha
  12. Okay, HOW does Mavis Staples get best Americana album? Her music isn't even Americana is it? Isn't it more blue/soul R&B? Was Robert at the awards last ngiht?
  13. Leddy! Hey! I just noticed your post! lolll. What a "pear" we must have been? Did you mean "pair"??? Or DID you mean "pear" because I'm an Avacado"?? Anyway, yeah, we're women in love!!!
  14. BlackandGold, our concert was at the Tower Theater which is a very beautiful, old, ornate place and the sound was incredible at least from the second row. I think Robert WAS referring to Philly as Russia because it sure was that night. The weather was horrid. I was hoping to hang around and maybe get to meet him but no, it was THAT bad. Hope I can get another chance. When he did "Cindy" at our concert, he completely changed it, rocking it out with heavy guitars. It was amazing. Philly fans, maybe even more than most cities, are DIE HARD Zep fans and they could be very loving and also ve
  15. What an amazing article. I was wondering if anyone knows the time frame for Robert's writing of new music with BOJ. I read an article saying that by the time April rolls around, people at the Chicago concert could be possibly treated with hearing the new stuff? I also read Robert saying something to the effect that this tour will last through August and then everyone will disperse doing their own stuff and then all reconvene? Maybe they are writing in the mid-February-March break? No tour dates scheduled then? So they will eventually be writing/performing new material which means a whole
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