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  1. Good point Mr. ALL CAPS... Very good point. So I agree, No,No,No. Everyone would be saying "Go Stairway..... Who Hoo Black Dog.... Yay!!!!" I hate that... I like Guitar Hero and Rock Band but, Zeppelin version would be bad all over. Last Monday, someone told me that it was a possibility and I said," Thanks for ruining my day."
  2. Zepp I: Your Time Is Gonna Come Dazed & Confused Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Zepp II: What Is And What Should Never Be Ramble On Bring It On Home Zepp III: Friends Out On The Tiles Bron-Y-Aur Stomp Zepp IV: Four Sticks The Battle Of Evermore Going To California Houses of the Holy: The Song Remains The Same Dancing Days No Quarter Physical Graffiti: The Rover Trampled Under Foot Kashmir In The Light (Sorry I put 4. But to be fair, there are two disks on for that album.) Presence: For Your Life Nobody's Fault But Mine Tea for One In Through the Out Door: In The Evening Fool In The Rain All My Love Coda: I don't like Coda so none
  3. What do you think the best Led Zeppelin album is???? I think it's Led Zeppelin III. The songs are great and they're all original. Friends is the best on that album.
  4. Yeah, good point. I think that most of their songs should be on their greatest hits. But The Rover should be definetely.
  5. I'm a teen and my dad listened to Zepp when i was growing up. It just stuck with me and it grew on me. In '07 i got Mothership for christmas and now i have all the albums except How The West Was Won and BBC Sessions. I guess the songs that started me were Stairway To Heaven, Misty Mountain Hop, and Black Dog.
  6. I rread that last night. They said that the only totally original songs on Led Zeppelin I are Good Times Bad Times, Communication Breakdown, and Your Time Is Gonna Come. So most aren't original, which is a drag.
  7. .......You've listened to all of their songs. (Except the CODA album I don't care for it.)
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