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  1. ive seen some pics in the forums with paul, but what about the other three, especially john?
  2. thanks for all the feedback. this has been something ive been thinking about for awhile
  3. led zeppelin and pink floyd are arguably the two biggest bands of the seventies and ive always wondered if they ever met or hungout. anybody know? thanks
  4. hi everyone, i dont post that often, but im always reading the boards..anyways i think its up to fans how they want to enjoy the music. i play drums and i love playing along with zeppelin (or at least try to). i dont own gh or rb but i play with my friends and if there was a zeppelin song or game i would prolly buy that game and play it religiously. but game or no game theres always going to people that say they like a band even they couldnt tell you 3 songs by that band. i feel like im rambling but if a game comes out, so be it. you cant decide how other people like their music
  5. buster

    john bonham

    haha thanks. its weird but ive always wondered that
  6. buster

    john bonham

    hey everybody long time reader, first time poster. ok ive always been curious to know if there are ANY pics of john bonham without facial hair?
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