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  1. If somebody had the financial resources and time, it could be done properly. I'm sure tons of people who had something interesting to say would be found. Unfortunately, unless it was ok'd by the band, actual zep music couldn't be used. How long til anything is in the "public domain"? I would love a Rush Beyond the Lighted Stage/Beatles Anthology type authorized documentary. That would be awesome but we all know it would take a miracle for that to be authorized. I'm sure a non authorized version could be real good, but without zep music and input from the guys it wouldn't be all it c
  2. Just saw it in Orland Park (Chicago) Illinois. Can't wait for the DVD. IMTOD, Kashmir, MMH, TSRTS were highlights for me. Was expecting more of Trampled Underfoot. I loooove the Earls Court DVD version. Same as alot of people said, sound got louder a couple songs into it. I am looking forward to hearing it on my stereo at home so I can adjust the sound to my liking. Who knows if the theater I saw it at had the right sound mix or just the theater in general has sound issues. Definitely seemed muddy in places, drums too loud, not enough guitar, etc. Loved the smiling between the guys
  3. Al's Italian beef is in the downtown area, highly recomended. Relatively close to Lincoln Park Zoo are a couple blues clubs on Halsted, check them out for some good music. Also, Hot Dougs, which is further northwest of downtown has a bunch of nontraditional sausages besides the traditional chicago hot dog.
  4. http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/music/ct-ent-1228-blues-20111229,0,3640054.column This was in Today's Chicago Tribune, mentions Sumlin. According to the article Mick Jagger and Keith Richards paid for his funeral. The article is mostly about the "death" of the blues and what is left of the blues clubs in Chicago.
  5. Did anyone see Boogie with Stu at the end of an episode of some american tv show? My friend says he heard it but can't remember where.
  6. This link should work. Apparently it was relased "without permission" early, but is now back up in a bunch of different places. Just not the redband trailer.
  7. Saw Van Halen (Hagar) and Tom Petty on back to back weekends back in around 95. Not too shabby. Think I saw about 13 major concerts that year, blew alot of money!!
  8. I checked this site just intime to record it, starts in 15 minutes here in Chicago. Crossing fingers it has some stuff I haven't seen/heard thousands of times already. Hopefully a decent summary of how popular they are still in 2011 and revered.

    Pet Peeves

    (Excess) Stop signs in parking lots. People who walk without looking in parking lots etc. and assume all cars will see them and gratefully let them go on there way. People who don't stop at the line at intersections at stop signs. (if you stopped at the line, you would have stopped before me, and then therefore had the right of way to go before me, but no, you went 5+ feet past the line, so wait. If you ask for a "Coke" at a restaurant and the waitress asks "Is Pepsi ok?" Or vice versa. I don't give a rat's ass if it's Coke or Pepsi or even RC, just bring the damn Cola. People who would
  10. Did Peart talk at all?? My power went out at 5 yesterday and didn't come back until 1 this afternoon. Frickin 20 hours, so I missed it. Nobody on Letterman tonight?
  11. I always flip the channel when a commercial comes on, know what I like/need so don't pay much attention. If I'm watching something I really am interested in, I might not switch during the commercials, but I probably have something I'm reading, or a sudoku or crossword puzzle in front of me that I'll loook at until the show is back on (or bathroom break or get some water or something). The only thing I can think of right now is new movies that I haven't heard about yet, then I see a commercial, so I think about seeing it when it comes out. The one with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel looks
  12. The original link works, its just a different trailer, not the "Red" R rated version of the trailer.
  13. I believe Led Zeppelin is the greatest band in the world. Was, Is, and Will Ever Be. Amen! That's all anyone needs to know... just kidding. But it is true. I believe we need to blow up the two party system, and get rid of lobbyists, etc.. I believe it would take a miracle for most politicians to act in the best interests of the majority and not make decisions based on what will get them elected or re-elected, or what will make them money or more powerful.
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