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    Music of all times and all genres<br />I want to shake hands and say THANKS... thanks and thank you again !!!<br />And then i am sure I will remain in admiring silence and say no word - just staring... and my heart will melt ...
  1. Someone like to explain to me how to recognize an amazing guitarist?
  2. I did 10 years Piano lessons when i was younger, followed up by 2 years Flute (traversa) and another 2 years drums (guess who was my idol....) I had 2 bands but io am to shy to perform on stage so that went noway. Now i have fun sometimes arranging music by sampling on the computer (if that counts), and i still try to figure out my K2000 that i own 6 years now... I sing with the music i listen to when i am alone/in the car -- Chat Baker is my favourte to sing to (and they say i am good in that jazzy stuff)
  3. Friedix


    These days listening to Led Zeppelin from seven to eleven every night --- thinking about my friends back then in that certain age --- sitting around a fireplace under a deformed, rainbow-coloured-sky, whilest talking to Hoffmans spiders (omg i never saw us so clearly being flowerchilds like I do NOW -- but we was 20 years late A.C.A.B.
  4. It seems - no one thought about it before!?? A suggestion for a future project with Plant does NOT fit into 'Post Zeppelin Forum' ?? Just tell me where to move the topic then Again : When I started this topic i meant to say : "Hey, listen to Loreena McKennitt. Would it not be a good idea to find a producer good enough to start a project with Loreena and Plant? It´s meant to be a fusion of two genres, like T Bone Burnett produced Raising Sand as "an unexpected collaboration with 'a Legend of Rock and Roll' and an 'Icon of Bluegrass'. Obviously is needed another producer to melt together the music of Robert & Loreena! But Who? I guess - then it was my idea, yesterday, when i had my breakfast coffee
  5. So you are telling me you did not know her? I am glad to know that NOW you do... A Brief Overview Canadian singer/composer Loreena McKennitt is self-managed, self-produced, and the head of her own internationally successful record label, Quinlan Road. In a recording career spanning nearly two decades, McKennitt's “eclectic Celtic” music has won critical acclaim worldwide and gold, platinum and multi-platinum sales awards in fifteen countries across four continents. Born in the province of Manitoba, Canada, Loreena moved to Stratford, Ontario, Canada in 1981, where she still resides. She has acted and sung in, and composed music for Stratford Festival of Canada productions ranging from The Tempest (1982) to The Merchant Of Venice (2001). Her recording career began in 1985 with the album Elemental. In the fledgling years of her label Quinlan Road, Loreena ran its operations from her kitchen table, selling recordings by mail order and producing her own concert tours across the country. Quinlan Road's catalogue is currently distributed around the world by The Verve Music Group (US), Universal Music (Canada and other territories including Italy and Spain) and a number of independents including Keltia Music (France) and SPV (Germany). Loreena continues to manage her career from her Stratford base. (from: Quinlan Road Website )
  6. I'd love to see Robert on stage with Loreena McKennitt... Loreena McKennnitt Anyone suggest a producer please!!
  7. I guess you have few chance to meet them in economy class ...
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