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  1. Non taken, suffice to say what an unbelievable day that was. Plant was such a nice bloke in the dressing room discussing the writing of the Ocean with his daughter listening intently to our conversation. Anyway just the small problem of getting into the gig with only my work ID, no driving license or passport.(dont drive and want fly)
  2. Yep, the bald bloke who Chris invited over to speak with them, thanks for the bald comment..
  3. I was lucky enough to interview both Page and Plant on TFI Friday nearly 10 years ago. Best 15 minutes of my life
  4. I'm 41, the only ID i have is my work pass
  5. Does anybody know what Photo Id is acceptable, I'm a UK resident but don't have a passport or a driving license!!!
  6. I dont have a drivers licence nor a passport what other form of ID can aUK resident present at the O2?
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