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  1. deep purple's performance in istanbul 4 days ago. though ian gillan can't scream like old times, it was a great concert. don airey and steve morse were awesome.concidering that great bands don't come to turkey so often, it really was a worthy concert for me.
  2. 1-bring it on home 2-stairway to heaven 3-boogie with stu 4-bron y aur stomp 5-whole lotta love 6-no quarter 7-ramble on 8-in my time of dying 9-when the leeve breakes 10-friends 11-the ocean 12-you shock me 13-immigrant song 14-tangerine 15-black dog 16-rock'n'roll 17-achilles last stand 18-since i've been loving you 19-heartbreaker 20-celebration day
  3. it's hard to call between since i've been loving you and babe i'm gonna leave you, but i'll go with since i've been loving you.
  4. i'd choose stairway to heaven from those 3 but my favourite is bring it on home.
  5. rush-tom sawyer from the classic rock 104 channel of itunes. they're playin' great songs all the time
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