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  1. Thanks! I'd never been in Louisiana so it was quite the adventure for me. Some more randomness. . . I don't have any pets at the moment. I never leave the house without toenail polish. I'm trying to loose 15 lbs for a wedding I've been asked to be a part of.
  2. Yes, that friend would be you and we DID have a great time. We're going to have to do that again soon.
  3. A few random facts. . . I'm a stay at home mom of two I've been married for 14 years. I've lived in Ohio my entire life. I once drove across Louisiana all by my self to meet up with a friend. I'm addicted to the internet and my cell phone.
  4. I've been a fan since probably before birth. My parents always had Led playing and it's just part of my life. I'm so glad that I've found this place. I can't wait to learn more about the band and connect with other fans.
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