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  1. that's what i heard as well i heard that led zeppelin IV, houses of the holy and physical graffti might come out in july i could be wrong about that why wait till 2015 though since the first three albums came out now why don't release them all this year.
  2. got all three albums deluxe cd's i must say i love the remastering on the albums much better clear sound than the remastering in the 90's and also the companion disks as well my favorite's on the companion disks are ramble on,heart breaker, since i've been loving you, and jennings farm blues i also like trouble in mind keys to the highway really looking forward to jimmy page releasing the other albums does anyone know when led zeppelin IV is gonna come out.
  3. that's awesome man i have two led zeppelin tattoos now the hermit one i got two days ago and i got the symbols also im gonna get another led zeppelin tattoo real soon
  4. my new led zeppelin hermit tattoo tell me wat u think
  5. My Led Zeppelin Tattoo Tell Me Wat You Think.
  6. listenin to led zeppelin

  7. Hey wats up led zeppelin fans i am a huge fan of led zeppelin and i was wanting to know wat i need like i have mothership and led zeppelin bbc sessions what all else do i need thanks keep on rockin
  8. Hey wats up lz fans jw anyone know any good quotes from led zeppelin like some songs i need like alot any help would be great thanks keep on rockin
  9. Is there any Led Zeppelin Fans In Kentucky
  10. Hey Led Zeppelin Fans I am new became a fan of Led Zeppelin since last year just thought I would say hi
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