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  1. Just got back from holiday , and yes there is an offer to prorder BOJ and get presale in my inbox, missed it, would any good member pm me the link as i aint ever missed a plant .........and i aint no scalper either ! thanks
  2. Evster , as I live in Wolverhampton I have seen this before , my best mates dad is ,was and ever shall be "Danny Cannon", lead singer of Danny and the Ramrods and Herbies people they feature in the two pages of "Jimi Hendrix bought my cooker" Anything that puts Wolverhampton on the map has gorra be good. cheers for the post Andy
  3. On the tenth day of Christmas my true loves gave to me... 10 good times bad times 9 For your lives 8 Ramble ons 7 Rock and Rolls 6 Black dogs 5 No Quarters 4 Pages strumming 3 Jones knecks 2 Jasons beating and a Planty in a pear tree !! Merry xmas Happy holiday !
  4. ...................tut tut why remove these clips? I had a Zeppelin advent calender that counted down to the new christmas day 10th Dec 2007..............................i wanna see !
  5. cheers Honeydripper ................one of the first to get a Video up keep it coming
  6. SteveAjones.........."Hats off to Jones" for being master of ceromonies , many thanks , ive sat here reading and crying . Missing Zep live is like missing the birth of your own child ,god im still cying, Thanks for keeping the info coming cheers Andy in Wolverhampton UK TSRTS
  7. ZeppyWander , we have also checked the sewer maps from Bilston to O2 , we might smell like sh** but we might get in !!!!! ....actually my mate from Bradley might smell better !
  8. SteveAJones , I understand the Harveys "getting your ticket and wristband" policy , im talking re-admission , it will be a security guards , by that time they might have put the swab testing kits for DNA away and it maybe you have a wristband , ticket and a nice happy face bobs ya Celebration day
  9. Myself and a few fellow Ticketless Zepheads from the Midlands where thinking of coming down for the night ,atmosphere ,to here the guitar during Since Ive Been Loving You and rock to "for your life" and the slim the chance of an entrance ? And then we thought here will be the usual geeks that leave concerts before the encore - whats the readmission policy !!!! a few quid might buy their wristband * and ticket as they head to be first off the car park ! And what if the other bill of acts runs late , The Atlantic bash was 6 hrs late , if this thing runs an hour late there will be tonnes o
  10. Thanks Zoso , just read Blabbermouth interview , thanks for the post.
  11. wow i have been reborn "sing out hari hari and dance the houchie coo" Andy
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