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  1. I love this page, and when it moved I was totally ticked!! Thanks for the new link!
  2. Have we all forgotten about the infamous lip-puckering?!
  3. If I'm not mistaken, Zep didn't play on 01/23/73. The Southampton Refectory show was on the 22nd.
  4. I have the release of this one called Salt Lake on My Mind, what a fantastic show. The Georgia on my Mind is a nice little surprise for sure. I love Plant's comment after they're finished. Something to the effect of "alright, thats quite enough of that Nightclub crap." I'd have to bust out the CD-Rs for an exact quote.
  5. I'm perfectly happy with my own personal LOSSLESS bootlegs anyhow, though this is somewhat of a loss for when I'm at school
  6. Man, this is some interesting stuff. Have you ever thought of syncing up the audio from the show with the video?
  7. My favorite live year would be between '71 and '72. Especially the Australian/New Zealand tour in '72, the band was on fire the entire time. That being said, '77 was pretty great also (all sloppiness aside.) The Knebworth shows were fantastic, but can't say that the enitre '79 year was because the first of the two warm-up shows at the Faulkner (sp?) theater was pretty weak. Just listen to the epic sour note in the intro to Nobody's fault But Mine if you don't believe me. However, everyone has a soft-spot for the blues jams of '68 and '69, and I'm no exception.
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