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  1. Ahh love this song! A perfect early LZ song with such a raw sound that you can taste it!
  2. I think the accoustic organ is a great opening to the song, no doubt John Paul Jones was a genius! Also I simply love the accoustic guitar playing in this song. One of the highlights in their first album in my opinion
  3. As far as I know the symbol we call Zoso wasn't intended to be nothing more than a symbol, and not the letters Zoso. I think Jimmy Page once said that his symbol just looked like those letters by coincidence. Correct me if I'm wrong, aynone.
  4. L - Loud E - Electric D - Divine Z - Zoso E - Epic P - Purity P- Perfectionism E - Erotic L - Life I - Illumination N - Natural
  5. Couldn't agree with you more. I would consider LZ to be generally a great band, thus you can't really argue against that it is a great band, or at least a band of great importance. Although, not everyone shares the opinion the LZ is the absolutely greatest band, so arguing about this is pointless. If everyone had the exact same taste of music the musical world would have lacked diversity. However, this has nothing to do with me not loving LZ because that I do.
  6. Today I played guitar along with Good Times Bad Times, How Many More Times, Out Of The Tiles, The Ocean, Bring It Home and The Rover When you know a LZ song on guitar it's like a spiritual experience playing it along with the track or live version!
  7. Yes, that's true. Their song Going To California is reportebly about her
  8. It seems to me that this satire paper really should have been a visual show like a cartoon or some kind of parody show I think it would have made a little more sense then, at least to me. Anyway, I have problems defining it as satire, since satire is more like having a message behind the humor that critisizes or questions something in society. While this is more a parody of a extreme Black Sabbath fan
  9. Whether a musical piece like a solo touches you depends how it communicates with your emotions, if that's a way to put it. For another person Clapton's solos may be more touching than Page's. As I see it though, people who love either one of Page or Clapton will also have at least a decent interest in the other one, since they aren't that different. But of course what touches one is a very individual matter.
  10. Then you are right! The main thing that got Eddie Van Halen interested in guitar playing was his admiration of Jimmy's solo in Heartbreaker, largely due to its tapping, which was something completely new at that time. This tapping inspired Eddie to such an extent that he later developed some remarkable tapping skills which became his most famous trademark. However, this solo has also inspired many more and especially bands within the metal genre(s), as for example Metallica just to name one.
  11. Almost every famous band or artist have an over played song, but I guess the case of STH is pretty extreme. I don't think the song is over rated in general, but there are some people who take it a bit too solemnly. Still, the song is thoroughly a masterpiece, no doubt about it
  12. I was never too exited about Presence, actually I'm not fully into it yet, and I never bought In Through The Out Door. In my opinion these two albums have a whole different sound than they're earlier work, which didn't please me that well. However Physical Graffiti, which somewhat relates to their later style, was more of a transition that worked for me
  13. Hahah, that I do not have any trouble imagining
  14. I've always known that most guitarists at that time had their "not so good" performances , often as a cause of alcohol/drugs etc, but I always thought Page was above them. Maybe I've been a little credulous
  15. I think that one suits them well If they were to choose another name I think they would have come up with something divine, epic and mystical, so Hammer Of The Gods wasn't bad at all!
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