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  1. Throw in San Diego 73,Fort Worth 73,Mobile Alabama 73 and Chicago 73.
  2. I recently got a boot that claims to have a snippet[6 songs]off the board of the 5/23/73 show from Albuquerque......I just found out it isn't Albuquerque afterall it's Salt Lake City.
  3. Robert's voice on the Chicago rehearsals is better than on the performance the night after.[he blew it out during the rehearsals]
  4. The best video of this show imho is the Blu ray called First Class Ticket.
  5. In the court of king james is from 5/24 not 5/25.
  6. Sounds like Empress Valley hit another homerun with this set.
  7. I finally got this set on Monday and it's great imho.[it was well worth the wait]
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