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  1. something that james hetfield says made me completely have a different look on this subject. he said making the music is all about the fans and how it gets through to them. sure some people wanna make music for themsleves but just about everyone knows here, led zeppelin has always been about the money. they were probably one of the first bands to take the whole concept and make it an actuall buisness. not wanting the music to be spread around to a younger generation would be just plain selfish and ignorant. id rather see some kid listening to zep because of a videogame then have him listen to lil wayne or w.e. assholes are around today. its all how it gets through to ppl that should matter, not how you play or listen to it. in the end the music is being made for the fans anyways, minus well get as many of them as possible. on a side note, id only want this done if it was done like the beatles. i never played it but it looked fantastic. you play famous gigs and the songs they played. play in the studio and learn all kinds of info about the band, and not just aimless bull "ultimate impossible expert harder then a real guitar" setting.
  2. i know :/ when i first saw this i was devastated. they should have given credit where credit is ue for sure but like i once heard somebody say before, zep took the old blues songs and injected them straight into the ass with steroids and out came led zep.
  3. check this out!!! the guy is alittle harsh but it contains comparison between original and zep versions
  4. thanks joiletjake and mabey you did go to O2 and airguitar to bcks bolero Aquamarine, but i know for a fact you ddnt induct jeff beck into the rock and roll hall of fame!
  5. so it appears that their is a point of contension because beck said jimmy was strumming a rhythm bolero and he started soloing over, while jimmy says he wrote it,produced it, and was the master mind behind the whole thing so who to believe??? much of this was "borrowed" from Howlin' Wolf's 'How Many More Years' ? -uh yeah but i wasnt alking about the song itself just the solo which page and bek recoreded but i cant figure out who is the one who actually wrote that lead. And IMO it's a real stretch to say those two are "incredibly close friends".\ -not so much of a stretch really considering that beck attended O2 and was inducted into the hall of fame BY jimmy and they both played the song im talking about
  6. as im sure most of you know, jimmy page and jeff beck are incredibly close friends, and i know that he played rhythm guitar on becks bolero. listening to the solo you can see that jimmy completely ripped jeff beck of that song. my question is since page never gives ode to his old friend, do you think that page had asked jeff on the side, or did he just straight up rip him off. as we all know how many more times is a bunch of blues songs meshed into one and zeppelinized but still, for him to of ripped of beck is just not right.
  7. i completely dissagree with a few posts on here. 1972 imho was the hight of the band for me live. roberts voice was at its very peak right before the vocal surgery and the flu and all the other b.s. with his voice. no other versions of immigrant song, song remains the same, dancing days, and especially over the hills and far away match up to the ones in 1972. the very peak of the band imo in terms of the way they sounded.
  8. thanks cecil...i was looking through and found out they never played this song live which s weird to me. that and the rover, and ramble on are imho some of zeps best. wish they wouldve played those songs live at least once :/ btw i know they played rambple on live at o2 but still, early zep with robs voice at its best wouldve been awsome and thanks for the welcome
  9. why didnt they ever play this song live???? i really want to know cause its probably one of my favs. from them, if anybody knows please respond
  10. most deffinatly without a doubt would be whole lotta love. the first time i heard that song i was like wow this riff @#$% rules! then all of a sudden it feels as though im in the wizard of oz and am im the middle of a tornado being thrown off into left field with all the noises and such. then bonzo breaks it all up followed by a guitar solo that inspired me to actually want to play lmao strange yet the very best
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2lVITd5Ks4 ive come across this link and thought wow this is quite possibly the very best unrealsed song by led zeppelin. johns drum beat is absolutly amazing as are plants vocals,and i cant help but love this guitar riff. its very fresh to hear this. if this is the direction that zep. were headed in in the 80s the they would of absolutly pulled most bands away form the sinth i believe. ive heard that Carouselambra is what they were looking into after the 70s but if their next album wouldve sounded like this song it couldve been up their with the very best of zep imo does anybody have any history on this song? or can anybody post any other interesting unrealesed rarities by these guys? i also find it very funny that i can listen to what led zeppelin considered "not so great music" and find it to be more genious than what most bands can come up with
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