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  1. Just had a thought... I HATE Lionel Richie.
  2. Pahaha, yes!, in a few years it will be the new new new new Yardbirds.. They will never die!
  3. Those look alright, but they still sound a bit modern gain wise, i thank you for the contributions though
  4. Haha! no, sorry, the reason i made this topic is because i've been watching ebay for ages and they never come up, thats just a video i found in youtube .
  5. I really dislike the way plant sings in his solo stuff, the way he sings in zeppelin is far superiour.
  6. Theres barely any of the original members. Behold: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Yardbirds#Current_members I know this because when browsing the website of a local music academy, i noticed someone who had attended the academy, was the new member of the yardbirds. I assume it was the new lead singer.
  7. Not at the moment, ill most likely use a fuzz pedal and reverb and leave it at that, really really love the tone of that amp though, i'd buy an original but they NEVER come up on ebay, for good reason most likely.
  8. I only managed 32 >_< Jeeeze that was bad.
  9. Hello all. Now, just to mention, im not merely getting all giddy on the first album 'Zeppelin I' use here, although that is a big factor, another factor is that it sounds ABSOLUTELY INTENSE. What i want to know, is what is the closest thing to a supro amp nowadays, all the small 15w amps that are sort of vintage stylee that i see on youtube all sound a bit cruddy in comparison Take a listen to this and you'll know what i mean.
  10. Someone has more money than i do Well, most people do.
  11. I'm not sure personally, but what i'd do is check out some live clips and find the closest amp to what pagey is using. Although i'd imagine that any marshall will get you close enough.
  12. Most metal fans i know (i.e - people that listen to the proper stuff, like megadeth and metallica) all rip the piss out of megadeth because apparently theyre almighty shite playing live. I love this video:
  13. I read this topic the other day and had to watch a live performance of hers just to see what you meant, and to be honest, your completely correct. She just dresses her performance up with cheesey dancers in the hope it will hide her awful singing. I remember when 'love story' came out - every 12 year old girl ran around going mental about how 'cool' taylor swift was. Drove me mental >_<. Bring back proper music, is all i say.
  14. Well i checked out some clips of that Reeves amp you mentioned and it doesnt sound as zep like as i feel it should have done. It has a sort of compressed almost 80s sounding gain to it, and i feel you'd do a lot better with a marshall. Although do feel free to check out the clips on the reeves site or youtube, your ears are your best judge. Best of luck, Jono.
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