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  1. You might also like this. This is Black Dog, performed by a group of singers in The Zodiac Show in LA. Adam Lambert is the third singer in this video, beginning at 1:27. You might also be interested in the backstory about Adam and Whole Lotta Love. Adam sang WLL (regular rock version) on American Idol last season. It was the first time that Led Zeppelin had cleared the use of one of their songs for Idol. This permission came after Adam had impressed the kids of someone in LZ management who got the ball rolling. Adam rocked WLL as his opening for the 50+-city Idol tour last summer. Here's a rock version at a recent concert:
  2. I think you can hear the guitar, bass and keys better in some fan's videos than in others. Here's a downloadable audio file that is better quality (and louder instruments) than any of the videos: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=1b9e7972a937800461d4646c62b381cbc682c16cc1a175acf7e866bfb1230ce0
  3. And here's a link where you can download a good quality audio recording as a .wav file: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=1b9e7972a937800461d4646c62b381cbc682c16cc1a175acf7e866bfb1230ce0
  4. Hi -- I'm just visiting here to share an unusual bluesy, jazzy, groove improvised acoustic version of Whole Lotta Love. This was performed Feb. 27 by Adam Lambert at Fantasy Springs. There are some vocal pyrotechnics, but mostly it's cool for its sustained groovy vibe. It's still sex for your ears. I hope you enjoy it! Here's the link: On guitar: Monte Pittman (Madonna's guitar player) Keys: Zac Baird (of KoRn) Bass: Tommy Ratliff Percussion: Longinue Parsons (of Yellowcard) (I see someone made a post about this, but it belonged here in your discussion of covers.)
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