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  1. Hello everybody, here is our new line-up and our present for Led Zeppelin's 50th anniversary, Whola Lotta Love:
  2. New Website http://www.flowerstone.it
  3. New website http://www.flowerstone.it/ and new video http://www.flowerstone.it/?page_id=68
  4. Con immenso piacere, in ogni caso ti farò sapere se noi veniamo dalle tue parti a suonare; a presto, ti abbraccio! massimo
  5. Mi compiaccio, è una di quelle che avrei fatto più volentieri, ma bisognava studiare troppo! Mi raccomando, se capiti in Sicilia fammi sapere! Ciao, a presto massimo
  6. Complimenti, è una bellissima professione, in che zona vivi? io northern Sicily
  7. Grazie, Spider! Can you speak italian?
  8. Thank You, Deb! Hope to see you soon!
  9. Hello everybody Television news and short interview with Jon Lord of Deep Purple
  10. Hi deb! here's the television news about our gig with the old one

    it's also into our videos page http://www.flowerstone.it/video.html

    my best

  11. Yes,he is still a lion on the keybords and a true gentleman.I really don't know when the first videos will be ready, anyway, of course, you'll be the first to know.It would be great if we could come to the States to perform and you in Italy for holidays! Here we really have to choose if working for a low cachet or if working once a month! However we have a new (better) management, so who knows?...

  12. I am great, thank you for asking. I bet playing with Jon Lord was amazing!! I can't wait for you to post more videos on your new website. I hope I can either go back to Italy at some time or all of you come to the US as I would love to see you perform live:-)

  13. Hello, Deb, how are you?

  14. Hi Spider, thank you It's a matter of taste, but of course I agree with you! Ciao, massimo
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