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  1. Could you post a still from the rehearsal DVD? I'd love to know what it looks like. Dick said it was basically just one camera I believe.
  2. Oh absolutely. I have a ridiculous appetite for live music and new sounds. My comments on Zeppelin are all true, but they definitely don't consume my growing CD shelf. A fair chunk but not all. It would have been something to see them even individually, I am hoping to catch Jimmy in the future before he packs up, but like you said it won't consume me. There will always be more and that's the great thing, and there are definitely plenty of real, raw acts emerging, so I'm loving being young as well. Thanks for your comment.
  3. I think the variety of responses to this continual discussion makes for some quite dynamic conversation. Here are some of my thoughts. As we can already assume, the chances of this happening are close to zero. Jimmy has shown some enthusiasm towards the idea, putting most of the pressure on Plant. Robert has already told us, and shown us, the path he's taking in a different direction and the toll age is having on him. Jonesy and J. Bonham would surely be up to it, but I think this is about more than ability. Assuming a few shows were played, each would slowly devalue the impact of the 20
  4. It's Tuesday afternoon here in Aus and we get it on Friday. Super excited
  5. Excellent! And that was a really great read. Thanks for posting!
  6. Oh very, very cool. Can't believe I haven't heard of this. Thanks a million!
  7. Searched around but couldn't find anything on this. Apologies if it's in the wrong forum, I figured this to be a both live/general gear thing. Just watching Kashmir and I noticed some of the bridge elements on Jimmy's LP he used in 2007. Any idea on what's actually going on here? I managed to capture the frame when the light shines right on it. It looks like the 2nd string (high A in this case) extends past the tailpiece and ends up going into some lock or nob of some sort in the body.
  8. Nah unlikely. Just for promotion.
  9. Would someone be able to post direct youtube link? This country restriction crap won't even let me get the URL Edit: Got it
  10. "I can't play with it that far down now." Haha. Brilliant thanks for posting.
  11. I'm 18 and went with my parents. The crowd was mostly 35+ however there were two girls my age I would have spoken to if I was alone. Nothing cooler than being out with your parents!
  12. Kevin Parker is the musical genius behind it all. Heavily inspired by Beatles and some Zeppelin stuff, his psychedelic exploration into old synth sounds and phased guitar creates a real sugar pop trip. Absolutely loving Lonerism. All playing/recording/mixing was done by himself.
  13. He used the Dano (or something very similar) for the studio recording. Definitely not the rich thickness of LP. You can hear the single-coil thinness as he hits the D string between chords in the main progression. I have a Danelectro reissue and it sounds almost identical to the studio sound.
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