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  1. its a vast improvment the picture is so clear for most of the dvd the video is mising for g t c but footage from the concert has been edited together to be viewd while the audio runs moby dick is complete there are a few nasty cuts in stairway and a few audio drop outs during the show if you want to see some visual comparisons try this: http://www.royal-orleans.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=38725&start=0 images are near the bottom of the page
  2. royal orleans has it just downloaded it really top quality from what i have seen so far
  3. twiglet

    New DVD's

    i have both the titles mentioned the earls court is fantastic the picture is so clear however there are a few annoying audio drop outs on this which is a shame as for assemblage 2 there is some really great stuff on that collection its really good to have filmore stuff on dvd some of the footage and audio sinc is questionable but i have seen far worse on a zep release.
  4. sorry was looking for a dvd not audio i have edited my first post thanks for the reply
  5. can anybody help please? looking for a dvd i already own unstopable metal machine but i have heard there are better versions any sugestions/ reviews? cheers
  6. oh sorry am new to this forum will behave from now on!
  7. wow do you have a copy of your reading show on dvd i could trade or do a b&p for as i said my copy is really bad and i would love to see a full show (i was there too)
  8. Hello all does anybody know if there is a pro shot bootleg dvd of this show? i have an audience one that is good unfortunatly the guy who transfered it to dvd did not check it and the picture keeps freezing up the sound carrys on which is very annoying!
  9. hi a while back i remeber reading a story about a guy in america who had come accross a near complete concert of zep in 69 i think it was at a festival in new york i could be wrong. the plan was that this footage was going to be put out on official dvd although the artical mentioned lawyers needing to be involved and lets be honest jimmy aint going to let something like that out without his personal remastering of it. does anybody no of any more information about this show or when we are likley to see it?
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