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  1. Oh, yeah, "Bare Trees" is one of my fave discs....
  2. GettheLedout-sounds like the Tool show was a total disappoint-I really hate to spend good money for an overhyped show that's a total letdown. The only concert I ever went to that I felt way was the KISS 2000 reunion-what a waste! Makes me respect the remaining LZ guys even more for not just dragging the same old stuff out forever & ever until people' d wish they go away..... I'm really looking forward to BB King-it'll be the 7th time I've seen him live. He just gets better & better.
  3. Hi, I'm Mariella, 46-year old ER physician currently doing my best to age disgracefully in the US Pacific Northwest. I've been a Led Zeppelin fan since about age 14, when I found it was the music guaranteed to drive the sisters at my Catholic boarding school bonkers. Sigh!-the good old days! Cheers to all....
  4. ...to see B.B.King live the 9th of January, 2008. Actually, my kids paid,since it's my birthday present, but I'm going to pay for my SO's ticket, so he can come with me. Since I didn't make the lottery for Led Zep reunion tickets, seeing B.B. King will have to be my consolation prize. Anybody here ever pay what seemed like incredible prices for tickets....
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