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  1. Sorry but I'm going to have to call BS on that one. The only possible reason for pulling the video's would be to stave off any financial losses. If Warner Bros. feels that leaving a few low res non pro-shot camera phone clips on youtube could possibly "harm" Warner Bros. then they are far more greedy and delusional than I originaly thought. Yeah...the need for a DVD will be harmed beacause we got our "fill" with these clips? PLEASE...... It's Corporate greed/fascism pure and simple. I for one will make it a point to not purchase anything releazed by Warner Bro$. from here on out. That includ
  2. Heres an idea. Let them keep their DVD (If it ever materializes) I've been a fan since I COULD WALK. But I'm not permitted to catch a glimpse of a camera phone footage of the boys playing their last ever performance? Zep could tell youtube to leave the videos alone. Truly amazing. I've lost the spirit. Count me out. C YA
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