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  1. thanks to all, the sound now is better, and christmas is coming for the ampli^^
  2. crunch and gain ok, what do you mean about eq?? line6 spider has: gain bass mid treble chan vol chorus phaser tremolo sweep echo tape echo reverb master volume can you tell me exactly what i have to do? thanks
  3. hello, i'm new, i play in a band, and now we are starting to do covers of led zep, my problem is that i can't obtain a sound like page's one ( i'm a guitarist ) i have: an epiphone les paul custom ( gibson alnico humbuckers ) ernie ball nickel wound 10-46 line6 spider iv 15 watt ampli can someone help me? maybe with ampli's settings or someone can tell me what effects are used in immigrant song and black dog ( sorry for my english, i'm italian ) thanks
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