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  1. All My Love. The only Organ solo i know by heart
  2. what beach is that in your signature?
  3. I voted 2 or 3. Zeppelin is my favorite band of all-time, but that's based on an entire career. there are SO many songs out there that i love, i'd say 3 from 1 band is pretty incredible, and no other band has more than 1 song in my top 10.
  4. I'm 24, i love guitar hero and i hate the fact that Zeppelin won't allow it. i think it only hurts them in the long run, where they seem to think it waters down their music. i understand them not wanting to give up their masters, but all of their other excuses are bullshit IMO. Or maybe i'm just bitter cuz i wanna play their songs so bad. But of course i would MUCH rather the reunion than GH: Led Zeppelin.
  5. I've always had trouble deciding between Plant & Morrison, but i chose Morrison here. I just think he epitomizes the term "Rock God". His stage presence was unbelievable. I'd put Robert at #2. and Freddie definitely needs to be on that list.
  6. Mothership would make the most sense, but if you don't wanna count that, i'd say IV, cuz if that's not good enough for them, they should just keep moving along...........and go get their ears checked out.
  7. It has to be 'Stairway'. I know Plant says Kashmir and i understand why, but people actually ask, "What's your stairway?" when asking what someones best and/or most famous is........ ie. Da Vinci's 'Stairway' is the Mona Lisa.
  8. -The Rover -Your time is gonna come -Tangerine -Tea for One -In the Evening -The Rain Song -You Shook Me
  9. I - Dazed & Confused II - Ramble On III - Since I've Been Loving You IV - When The Levee Breaks Houses of the Holy - Over The Hills Physical Graffiti - The Rover Presence - Tea For One In Through The Out Door - In The Evening
  10. Led Zeppelin I. They had me at 'In the days of my youth'!
  11. Does anyone know if he'll play any Zeppelin songs? i'm not a huge fan of Plant's solo stuff but i would go just to see him do two Zeppelin songs
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