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  1. It's easy for those who've got o2 Arena tickets, and/or saw them years ago to say they don't owe us a tour. While I don't think 'owe' is the right way to say it, Jimmy himself has said that it would be very selfish to only play one gig with such demand from fans, so don't rush to crucify people who think the same as Jimmy, with your pious holier than thou comments please. I think expecting a World Tour is very unrealistic from how Plant has been coming across, but I really do think that unless the 02 show is a disaster and gets panned by the critics, which I very much doubt, I'm very hop
  2. Pretty obvious why everything was rush released in November, for the o2 Arena gig media frenzy, and the prospect of the announcement of more gigs next year. Obvious I would have thought.
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