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  1. Hey what happened to my introduction thread?

  2. I wouldn't "invade their personal life" permission or no permission. What I said was that when you choose to be a public figure, you have to be able to take the comments or the criticism that come with that. And if you make snarky comments: well, you're probably going to catch some flak for it. Can you name any? My favorite scientist was that guy who invented the twist off beer cap. I'm sure that countless lives have been saved by not having to attempt to open a bottle of beer with a Bic Lighter while driving 80mph ... and that's why I only drink Mickey Big
  3. Eddie is the king of all pricks as it turned out. And all those years we thought it was Diamond Dave who was behind all of the assclownery.
  4. If I had to guess, most 12 - 20 year old Zep fans didn't have to discover anything. Most of them probably were conceived to their parents playing When The Levee Breaks... .... played LOUD and HARD as it should be. BOOM! BAM! BOOM! BAM! you know what I'm talkin' bout
  5. Soon to possibly be a lame duck president after the mid-term elections it might seem. Next vacation may end up being at Dollywood. Well it's not exactly Albania, but it sure ain't no Switzerland either.
  6. Thus is the nature of 'celebrity'. This is what you get when you take that path, and even more so when you have the level of success that Led Zeppelin had. He can wish for a private life, and he can wish that none of his choices are going to be 2nd quessed. But that isn't the way it works. The devil will always get his due.
  7. I would have like to hear them do Train Kept A Rollin' and other blues numbers mixed with a few new songs or new covers of old songs like they did in the beggining. If Robert likes "roots' there are plenty that would still work within a Zep concert. I always thought that the stuff they did within Whole Lotta Love live was both fun and entertaining.
  8. Which high paying positions? I thought his wife was a teacher and he was a "community organizer". I've never been to Spain, I'd go but I don't have enough friends to make it news worthy.
  9. Excacty! This year my vacation will be a camping trip somwhere where I don't have to pay for a spot. Hopefully someone will donate the hotdogs
  10. Welcome... Now please take your shoes off and come inside...
  11. Comments made like (paraphrasing): "I don't want to end up like a bunch of boriing old men following around the Rolling Stones.." This isn't exactly endearing to the other old man members of the band who would like to continue following around the Rolling Stones... or to the boring old Rolling Stones.
  12. Edgewater- adj. meaning sleasy or low rent. Hey, where you staying when you get to town? I thought I would get a room at the Motel 666. They don't mind if I park my Harley inside the room there. Yeah, that place is really Edgewater.
  13. A few years ago I watched Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry do a final number on stage (Tea and Theater), and I realized that even despite the tumoil and competition these two had over many years and in many forms while members of The Who, they in the end really still need each other. That despite their own individual journeys, the sum total of their long careers is really only totally complimented by each other's careers... collectively or individually. Solo careers--- just as in any one of the Beatles, Stones or The Who, will always pale in comparison to what made them each famous in the fi
  14. How many "one off performances" where Zep songs were done has he been involved in since they officially disbanded?
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