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  1. That was beautiful and elegant. It came across as a very honest and respectful without putting Jimmy too much on a pedestal. There is a fine line there.
  2. Yes, but that could have been Nanci Griffith saying that.. if I could only find the quote.. Hmm..
  3. This just about sums it up for me. Some would say that The Velvet Underground was the most influential band of all time because they did not sell many records but each and every one counted. But if we leave that to itself we could instead turn to other kinds of metrics. And -and but - to do that, we need to define what "greatest band" means. Does it mean a band of great influence like "velvet" or does it mean popularity, like in ticket sales, or in album sales or what? Or does it mean some abstract metric like musical complexity or innovation? I would like to propose that Zep scored high in all of those categories - almost any you could come up with really - even if not always highest as there are others like say Beatles, Beach Boys, Stones, Dylan and so on and so forth, but that in some abstract way they have become a kind of touch stone for a great part of modern music in terms of popularity and originality. My two "ören"..
  4. Mine too and a bootleg favourite for almost 30 years.
  5. If the question ever arises between Alison Krauss and Robert Plant I'm sure she will nudge him along towards agreeing to a tour. I get the feeling that he sort of respects her for her integrity, and she's got lots of that, but also that I think she would secretly like that too. I don't think she'll say it right out, but kind of discreetely. Was she not qouted like ten years ago that her dream fantasy was to sing with Robert Plant... or was that Nanci Griffith? Cheers
  6. I think that's my dream set list too. You even got Night Flight in there. Good job
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