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  1. My recorder is stacked up with games to watch, no compalints though! I think given some of the one sided scores so far, it is too earlier to tell much, just happy to have hockey and my Leafs back!
  2. didn't see it coming but, I'd lost my respect for Burke during the Wilson fiasco. It certainly woke Leaf nation up today - interesting times!
  3. As a Leafs fan, two words interest me right now.... Roberto Luongo!
  4. Finally a deal - now let's get this season on the road!
  5. Guess that shows how little I know about the West - lol, 0-4, at least I got a 3-1 on the East.
  6. Some really great games so far, shaping up to be a classic Play-off series. Hope it continues that way!
  7. These are my picks, but no guessing on the number of games. West Vancouver over LA Detroit over Nashville Chicago over Phoenix San Jose over St Louis East NYR over Ottawa Philly over Pittsburgh New Jersey over Florida Boston over Washington
  8. Yes, a slight understatement by me there! I think some space might be made by burying some players in the Marlies. It's about the team now, they HAVE to step up and what has to be done, has to be done. This has got to stop....
  9. I heard today Kiprusoff may be going from Calgary, so I am sure that area could be covered. As for the goals, Nash has listed Toronto as a team he'd like to go to, so we can hope for that if the Blue Jackets can get real on a deal!
  10. Totally agree with that, We need a star veteran netminder, an all out goal machine that can offer more than Kessel (who teams can't read) and a strong centre that can mix things. Carlyle's style behind the bench fills me with confidence as he shows real passion during the games and works to adjust plays. Wilson just stood there, he also never even spoke to the team post game, how crazy is that?! Fill those three gaps in the off season and next year could see the team really move forward.
  11. Sad days indeed for the Leafs, but a welcome win at the weekend that may have put the Sabres on the ropes at the 11th hour. I personally think Burke and Carlyle will get this right, 3 key players are missing from the squad in my view who could guide this young team well. Here's to 2012/2013 - Ever the optimist! Thankfully my second team are through, so go Blackhawks!
  12. Interesting that there are quite a few who list Zepp and Floyd in their top 3.
  13. Just spotted this thread and perhaps not the best thing to admit to right now, but a Leafs fan of 35 years here.
  14. Interesting, fan shot I assume? What is the quality like?
  15. I've been fortunate to pretty much see all the bands I ever wanted to over the last 35 years, but when I look back, the Knebworth 1990 festival, it was such a special day. With perhaps just one or two exceptions, who were still fun to see, it was an almost perfect line up for me. Cliff Richard & The Shadows Status Quo Dire Straits / Mark Knopfler Tears for Fears* Elton John* Eric Clapton* Robert Plant & Jimmy Page* Phil Collins Genesis* Paul McCartney* Pink Floyd* *These were just awesome in my view. I know they were all Silver Clef award winners, but can you imag
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