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  1. VH1 usually passes good music, 70's 80's, but i rarely i can pick up Led Zeppelin on TV ... I am sorry that in Portugal there are few TV channels dedicated for music from the 60's 70's and 80's just a thing ... i recently started buying the Led Zeppelin cd's ( i only could save some money now xD ) so here they are the first three cd's
  2. Led Zeppelin I, II and III here with me :D

  3. if it depended on us to book, they wouldn't stop xD but it depends on them, so if they could hear us it would be great to make a worldwide tour, passing in Portugal
  4. i'm not saying to force Robert doing this, i'm just givin' an idea, i know that a lot of people share my opinion, and i know that Robert doesn't want to do it, but i just gave an idea, so let people say if they share my opinion or not.
  5. i just have to say that, this is not a question of owing something to someone is simply a desire of the fans to see Led Zeppelin back together. Sure it can't be with all the original members, but tJason it's a perfect substitute. So this isn't an issue of owing something to someone but for the satisfaction of the fans.
  6. let's hoin forces to make that real. let's give it a try!
  7. it's a hard choice to make, but in the end i had to choose STH. but here is my ranking. Studio Ranking: 1. Stairway 2. Achilles 3. Kashmir Concert Ranking: 1. Kashmir 2. Stairway 3. Achilles
  8. i only can say that that song it's a little overplayed, but the only reason that leads to that fact it's because the song is so awesome! i personnaly love that song and i never get tired of hearing it, but that's fact that stairway to heaven it's a little overplayed.
  9. i'm 17, but i'm rockin' with Zeppelin since i was 10
  10. Led Zeppelin I, II and III incoming *.*

  11. Led Zeppelin should make a reunion tour, Not just an unic concert but a tour. worldwide, they have fans all over the world so they could do that for the fans. A Led Zeppelin reunion worldwide tour!! I leave the idea, who shares my opinion?
  12. it ain't zeppelin, i'm completely certain. it sounds a bit like aerosmith. in those bios the directors choose songs that are similar to the ones of the band they are talking about. but that song isn't from zeppelin.
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