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  1. For me, when I hear someone says that Led Zeppelin is the best band ever means that it's his/hers favourite band, and that he/she can listen to any of Led Zep's songs anytime. This statement also applies on me - although I have never said out loud that they are the best band ever, I think so. I love them, their guitar riffs, guitar solos, lyrics - their music in general. There is no song that I hate or can't stand - they are all good in their own ways. If I skip some songs that are on my playlist, it usually means that I'm not in the mood for that song. Very few bands have that amount of songs
  2. Lalaith

    Where Are You?

    Thanks for the welcome! ^^ Yep, I saw it, but I don't know how to mark my city there Should I write just my city, or both city and the country?
  3. Wow, you are the first person I have seen that doesn't like this one
  4. Kashmir - Led Zeppelin Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd And Then There Was Silence - Blind Guardian
  5. Lalaith

    Where Are You?

    Haha, rest of Europe? Greetings from Croatia ^^
  6. Damn, this was a hard choice: choosing between the narrowest list of Tangerine, Friends and Gallows Pole. But, in the end, Gallows Pole was my choice - the way it was played is just awesome.
  7. Honestly, I can't remember what was the song that made me start listening to Led Zeppelin, but... Me too! I just couldn't stop listening to it the first time I heard it! The same situation was with Dancing days; the reaction was: "Oh God, how come I didn't hear this song earlier?"
  8. No particular order: Moby Dick Out On The TIles Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp Carouselamba These are the ones I constantly skip when they start playing. Not that I hate them, but very often I don't feel like listening to them.
  9. +1 1. Over The Hills And Far Away 2. Dancing Days 3. Tangerine 4. The Battle of Evermore 5. Thank You Too bad the list is only top 5, a lot of other songs should be added here (Rain Song, Kashmir, Communication Breakdown, Stairway to Heaven, Ramble On... damn! So many of them! ). For now, I choose these 5 songs. ^^
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