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  1. Sorry for posting yet another question but I know that Misty Mountain Hop was written by Page/Plant/Jones but we're having a debate as to who the main inspiration for the song came from. One of us thinks Plant the other thinks JPJ came up with the riff and slightly odd timing that the whole thing was based around.
  2. I was just wondering if Jimmy ever produced any records that he didn't play on or wasn't a major part of? Or did he just do Zep, The Firm and The Honeydrippers?
  3. Does anyone know how this is going/finished?
  4. I know I can't wait for this book! To be fair does anyone else think that "When Giants Walked The Earth" was fairly Page-centred anyway?
  5. No! Its even worse. They have one of the Horrors in the top ten. How awful.
  6. This list is so screwed Jimmy keeps leaping between first and second with Matt Bellamy. O.k. hes good but the greatest of all time for Christ's Sake? Lets get Jimmy up there. Typical rubbish N.M.E. fans. They've got Robert Smith above Jimi Hendrix what parallel universe is it where Robert Smith is better than Hendrix?
  7. 1. Stairway To Heaven 2. Ramble On 3. Whole Lotta Love 4. Good Times Bad Times 5. Celebration Day I know I've got Stairway and Whole Lotta Love in but I couldn't ignore them just because they are so popular. I mean Whole Lotta Love is so incredible its got an almost Beatles-like catchy chorus and straight to the stomach lyrics and one of the greatest riffs ever plsu the amazing freak-out bit in the middle. I don't know what anybody else can ask for in a song.
  8. Ha! Thank you once again. Would it have been IN mIles Road when we did start playnig guitar/sitar then? Your knowledge is incredible!
  9. Steve that is amazing. Thank you so much. Its even more thrilling knowing that its literally 3 doors down from where i live. I suppose as Jimmy would put it "theres no luck in magick"!!! Anyway you gave me more information than I could even have hoped for. I was really also hoping to find the room he found the guitar in. I have heard of the Miles Road tape but I (quite stupidly) didn't know the origin of it. This was the same residence where he found his first guitar isn't it? They think left by the old tenents. Anyway I can't thank you enough for this its just brilliant. Thanks again.
  10. Hello I am a young guitarist doing well in a new band. And a really stange coincidence happened. My favourite two bands are The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. But by a mile. I got a new-ish girlfriend and I ended up renting a house from her Godfather in Epsom. It is number 40 Miles Road. To my surprise and complete delight I discovered that Jimmy Page also lived there when he was growing up. It is also the house where he found the guitar as he put it. The one where he thought they might have just left it behind when he got there. I was really hoping that someone might know which number it was in the street. Mainly because our first single is out in November and I thought a shoot with the band at Jimmy's House for the artwork might be really good. I can't seem to find the exact address anywhere but talking to local people they think it might also have been in the 40s! Anyway any information on this would be so gratefully received. Thank you.
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