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  1. Awesome. I wonder if there are any pics from the Offenburg show.
  2. I like the DVD better. Its in 5.1 surround sound and its awesome to see the guys rocking out. Not to mention the cool special features.
  3. Does anyone have any good 1973 bootlegs? I've gotten more interested in 1973 tour recently with all the new releases!
  4. duhh. I should have known that. Thanks BTW,I may also use some footage from the outtakes to fill in some holes...
  5. Hello all, I am going to upload both TSRTS , the special features and the 2003 dvd to my lap top so that I can edit the concert together with the proper set list. I m not sure yet if I will burn it to DVD or not but i will put it on my Ipod. I think it would be really cool to view the whole concert all together in the proper order. Can someone post the set list? Also, does anyone know if I can retain 5.1 surround sound using Final Cut Express?? Thanks
  6. I think this argument has gotten to the point where we should all just agree to disagree.. I mean we all have our certain bands that we like more than others. It really is pointless to argue over this; I mean its all in your taste. You can argue all day that an apple taste better than an orange or a pear. But how can anyone be right when it all comes down to personal taste? While there may be facts such as impact and album sales and stuff like that to back up our arguments, it really doesn't matter anyway. Its obvious everyone in this forum has pretty good taste in music. You know, at least they aren't arguing that Fall Out Boy or Hinder are better than Zeppelin lol.
  7. Okay. My argument must have completley went over your head. I know that Hendrix played the guitar upside down because he was left handed!!! But my point was that instead of playing a left handed guitar, like Kurt Cobain, he played a right handed guitar backwards. Is that to hard for you to comprehend? And I, for your information, have been playing guitar since I was 13. I am now 22 and I probably understand the guitar a lot more than you do. My point was that "technical skill" is sometimes overrated, he did things his own way(playing a righ handed guitar backwards..that wasnt meant to make a huge point, just threw it in there in the first place..dunno why )I never said he didn't have skill, I know he has a lot! But many consider him sloppy, and not as skilled as others! but my argument was that because he played with passion and soul, he was one of the greatest! Understand??
  8. Well, I tried to imply that Zeppelin was almost as diverse as the Beatles. I do think Zeppelin is an extremely diverse group but I can't see them being more so than the Beatles. When I talk about diversity, I'm not talking about if it sounds like them. I think its easy ti identify a zeppelin song for a casual fan because of Plan't voice and the sound og Bonzo's drums. When I was younger and only knew STH, I would recognize Zeppelin songs ranging from All My Love to Kashmir to Ramble On. They just have a sound. And thats good, it doen't mean they're not diverse. Its 2 different things. The Beatles are easy to poin out because of they have a distinct sound also. But just like Zeppelin, they are very diverse. Listen to "I wanna hold you hand" and then listen to "I am the Walrus". Listen to Revolution and then listen to Blackbird or Helter Skelter. Listen to any non-pepper song and then listen to a pepper song! But don't get me wrong. I think Zeppelin is right up there with them; in fact, I guess I could also argue that Zeppelin is more diverse. They're just so damn close IMO.
  9. I asked the question just to make sure I wasn't arguing with some kid who didn't know anything about guitar playing. But I see you do have some experience with the instrument. As do I. I am 22, and I have played steadily since I was about 12. I never had guitar lessons, I learned a lot by ear. I have played with a few bands throughout high school and I too have seen some very talented young guitarists. And I completley disagree with your assesment that there are many "20 year olds with just as much technical skill as Page". That is just crazy. Not that technical skill is everything..It is NOT. But I can't let this go anyway. Page's playing may be different in style than the clean, non-musical, bland solos of people like Van Halen and all those little pretty boy rockers. But I have NEVER seen any guitarist match the speed, creativity, brilliance, and endurance of Jimmy Page. And I have seen many. Its a combination of many elements that makes a guitarist great and nobody comes close when it comes to the whole package!!
  10. A Day in the Life is one of my favorite Beatles songs and I like it as much as STH. Its got a beautiful melody and was executed to a tee. Helter Skelter is not metal. Its punk... And who cares if there is an element of pop in every beatles song?? They were damn catchy and they sold millions!
  11. I see the argument you are trying to make but still, you don't have ALL the facts. The Beatles stopped touring in about 1966. The band broke up in 1969. After they stopped touring they produced about 5 albums. From 1963-1966, they produced about 8 albums! So they actually produced the majority of their body of work while they were still an active touring band. Besides, don't you think that the reason for the large amount of great songs comes from the fact that they had 2 guys by the name of John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrting songs?? Its quite possible... They weren't bad songwriters from what I hear
  12. Well, your statement is still kind of out there even if you did mean just technical skill. Page has a lot of it. His speed is unbelievable. And let me ask you this. Do you actually play the guitar yourself?? And if so, how long??
  13. Well, YOU say its FACT. I happen to believe its a fact that Jimmy Page is the greatest all around guitarist ever! Looking from a musical standpoint, not just "technical skills" which is so damn overrated it makes me sick. Did Jimi Hendrix have any "technical skills'? Hell no, he played the damn guitar upside down BUT he played from his SOUL. There are several aspects that you have to consider when thinking about who is the greatest. While Jimmy might not be the greatest when it comes to "technical skill" (like Eddie Van Halen, whose solos sounds like one of those little toy guitars you fins in stores that play fake synthesized solos). Page also might not be the best when it comes to "stage presence" (though many think he is), but when you take everything into account, he IS the best all around. Yes, he has speed, a hell of a lot too..but the difference is he has just as much soul as he has speed and thats what separates him from the Van Halens, the Townshends, Slash...everybody! And lastly, if you're going to make an argument that there are better guitarists than Jimmy page, do yourself a favor and dont mention Pete Townshend, it just makes you seem a little less credible because he is not even in the same league as any of these guys....
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