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  1. actually this is a great tool for led zeppelin to work on. the chances of led zeppelin being in this new game are good for good reasons . this is not a game. its a tool to make and play music the way it was meant to be played. not with a plastic thing. it allows you to plug your guitar and play notes. this software teaches the user to play real songs on there guitar with real notes in real time. think of this game as a tab book but more upbeat and mainstream. the only time led zeppelin would consider being in anything would be if the technology that brings there music to a broader audience is good enough . jimmy page has stated that he is willing to put led zeppelin in any format as long as it is good enough for the music to stand up. if you listen to his interviews about the 2003 dvd he talked about reviving the sound by new means. which is why the dvd's sound so good. when the dvd's came out in the late 1990's ( end of 1998 in japan i think!) page knew that would be a great platform to put zeppelin on. all they need is a perfect platform to put there music on to .
  2. anyone still up ? i cant sleep at all : /

  3. a little off topic but isint it true that something is always released by zepp every holiday season it seem ? something always appears this time of year .atleast thats what i think . do you think something new might be on the horizen ?
  4. i think miles would have done a great job i wounder what songs they rehearsed and who knows maybe theres some hidden footage or recording from it ,. things always pop up out of nowhere sometimes . as we zepp fans know things always appear out of the blue when its the holiday seasons .
  5. do you think zepp will release anything soon? it always seems like something comes out unaware during the holidays. last year i think it was , we got the song remains the same on dvd and the mothership. my opinion is something might happen . what do u guys think?
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