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  1. Plant said so but then when appear on stage with Jimmy, John Paul and John he will say : "Surprise . I'm home. Yeah. Ooooooooooooooooh oooooooooohhhh T's been a looong time since I rock and rolled" If I were on Plant plae ( in his shoes I mean) it would be a greath exciting mo for me to sing that it had been a long time since I rock and rolled.
  2. it just showed what I've known since ages - ppl are getting more stupid and stupid. Even if I wasn't LZ fan I and not Spice Girls fan I wpuld say Lz is a way better than these rusty chicks.
  3. better buy used gibson lp than new epi
  4. Now I'm starting to relize that I will never see Led Zeppelin live....... :crying:
  5. ye I know, but I think about songs that normally have a voal part e.g. stairway to heaven and i found it acoustic withou any vocal.
  6. i thought he used tele till album lz III. Then he used Les Paul. Or am I wrong?
  7. Do u know songs of Lz or other that jimmy plaed with no vocal. Of course drums and bass can be there too.
  8. Did Jimmy Page play form playback or not?
  9. I wuld like to know what songs and albums Jimmy played on Tele and if u think it 's no problem to play lz songs on tele.
  10. It was honour for him. Ok. It was good performance and they did it well. Ok. But why the heck did he play with playback?
  11. I just want to say - chill out - cos: 1. there's no Robert Plant in it. 2. they just trying to do sth which does't mean there will be an album soon. 3. u su%k lol
  12. VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION - did Jimmy played from playback or he really played at the time of performing?
  13. in ur country???? it will be in China and as I see ur from Germany
  14. WHat's occured I'll have to be at work at 2.30 pm 24th Sunday. Hope someoone capture it, tho it wouldn't be he same as in TV.
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