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  1. well my brief history... it all started in Lisbon where me and my friend. We had a picture taken for a national newspaper about the LZ reunion..thewn off we went to Luton. Stayed at an hotel near LAncaster GAte, arrived there around 9 PM Sunday. Dinner, went for a walk, your 1st time in London, Oxford St, then bown to Piccadilly and Trafalgar Sq where we were looking for a nice old fashioned english pub..all closing or about to so we stayed ina very loud sports bar watching NFL. Next day we checked out and on the O2.I expected chaos there but was all very easy.we were the 1st ones in
  2. anyone has the clip of the tv report they used for the intro? i really liked how it worked with the music
  3. What amazing two hours i had last night...thank you very much!!!
  4. oh boy i need to get to marble arch or victoria station after the concert. Help plz on tube alternatives to get there....
  5. thanks a lot..it will be my 1st time in london.short short trip but i´m really looking forward.... :D :D
  6. ok thanks..i´ve "mastered" the tube map, know the buses are a little more trickier
  7. what? isnt the O2 the only place you can get wristbands?
  8. does the O2 have an area for ppl to leave backpacks or other items?
  9. My hotel is in Lancaster Gate so i also need that pass for Zone 1 and 2 right? Another thing....i need do go from the O2 to Victoria St or to Marbel Arch after the concert..if the tube is still open i know what to do, but if not..what about buses to those areas... Thanks a lot
  10. well spoke w my friend they gave the confirmation number when he purchased the tickets by phone.at least that is solved...
  11. my friend who got the passcode did it..yes i think he has a reference because he called ticketmaster a few times allready to ask about the mail
  12. and where can you get that confirmation number?
  13. the "problem" was the purchase was done by phone bercause the passcode on the site was getting an error, but by phone all was confirmed and done right. but a confirmation mail is needed no?
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